Here you will find the resistance from our range which is suitable for you and your matter of concern.

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REO has been manufacturing resistors since 1925. Its wide experience and application knowledge of high-capacity braking resistors that are woand on tubes or ceramic cores has led it to develop more modern technologies. In Solingen has been producing braking resistors in profile construction for more than 20 years.


REO‘s aim is to always integrate new technologies in development of its resistor range, especially with regard to the dimensions, heat evolution, dynamic behaviour and not least, design and layout. Moreover, innovations are promoted and the technological compositions of various new products are presented to the market in the form of systems, such as, e.g. Water cooling, thermal management systems in the field of electric mobility.

Using 3D models, and the FEM analysis may before prototyping physical effects are simulated on the resistance. This helps to make a development more efficient and cheaper. Particularly in the field of water cooling, using SolidWorks for example, the coolant flow and the thermal effects are calculated on the environment. In the rail industry, these technologies are already being used increasingly. Thus loading and damping resistors meet the extensive requirements in the field of railway engineering, be as weld calculations, survival analysis or stress analysis performed using FEM techniques.

FEM-Analyse mit Solid Works


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